Who am I ?

Depending on your needs, I can welcome you in French, English, or in my mother tongue, Dutch.

My name is Joke Elfring, I am a certified physiotherapist, for humans and for animals, acupuncturist, chakra therapist, and specialised in Schultz’s Autogenic Training.

I have always worked as a therapist.


I have worked for a practice specialised in taking care of people, and in my own practice as an animal physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is a Cartesian medical discipline, but by gaining experience, I found more of an interest in the role of energy.


This is how I took up my studies again, learnt acupuncture, and validated six levels of training in chakra therapy.


I then got the opportunity to take part in a Quantum Touch conference in France, and this discipline appealed to me straight away. After the conference, I followed levels 1 and 2 (more than once!), and I followed the programme in it’s entirety, required by the USA, to obtain my qualification.


During a course on personal development, I discovered the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I followed this course at the Jean-Michel Gurret’s IFPEC, and I then followed that up with the Matrix Reimprinting course, pain-relief hypnosis, stop smoking, stress-relief and cardiac coherence.


I continue to regularly follow courses, in the aim to always enlarge my knowledge, to follow workshops, to exchange with colleagues. Look on the website from time to time to discover “new features”.


For me, it is a passion to guide people, to help them find their own healing power, to give them the tools that they need to take back control of their health, and to preserve it.

Studies (In Hollande) :

  • Physiotherapy (specialised in Autogenic Training)
  • Animal physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy thesis on the Autogenic Training method, and management of groups and individuals applying this method over a good number of years.
  • Autogenic Training work placements in a specialised practice
  • Acupuncture


L’IFPEC (Institut Français de Psychothérapie Emotionnelle et Cognitive) :

  • EFT clinic practitioner and Psycho-Energéticienne (Noëlle Cassan and Jean-Michel Gurret).
  • Matrix-Reimprinting practitioner (Marion Blique)


Paint-relief hypnosis    NEOLYS Institute,   David Vigneron



Stop smoking (Arrêt-tabac.net)   NEOLYS Institut,   David Vigneron



Formation Burn out  IFNAT (Institut Français de Naturopathie)



Hypnose : Praticienne en Hypnose Ericksonienne et Classique,  Académie Madelrieux, l'I-HEC (Institut d'Hypnose Ericksonienne et Coaching)

Certified Hypnotherapist of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).



Cardiac coherence :

  • Cardiac Coherence Practitioner
  • I.F.E.D.O. Institut de Formation Equilibios David O'Hare
  • Heartmath Institute


Quantum Touch :

  • QuantumTouch® 1
  • QuantumTouch® 2
  • Quantum Allergy® 1
  • Quantum Allergy® 2
  • Quantum Share®
  • Self Created Health®


Others : 

  • AVM (Académie de la Vie en Mouvement) of Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur
  • Progressive workshop with Dr Joe Dispenza, Brussels 2019
  • “Donnez le pouvoir à votre esprit” masterclass with Dr Joe Dispenza
  • Olivier Madelrieux’ Neuro Success Academy
  • Healing by energy, magnetism, and chakras by Olivier Madelrieux
  • Chakra therapy (6 levels, HUE)
  • Biology laws workshop

Joke Elfring

  • Psycho-énergéticienne et Hypnothérapeute
  • 06 70 19 36 49
  • Loc-Ornézan, locaux de la mairie, Village 32260 Ornézan, entrée: la porte à droite de la mairie et dans le grand sud du Gers