Le Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting® (MR) ?

Matrix Reimprinting®, (MR) is a particularly gentle method, created and developed in 2006 in England by Karl Dawson, EFT master.


The Matrix is the energetic field which surrounds us. Imprinting, encoding or registering, refers to the process that the human brain goes through when it soaks up different characteristics, from parents, family, acquaintances… by observation or imitation.


Everything in the universe is energy, we bathe in an energetic field. We are all made out of energy, and we are all linked together by this energetic field, which has been named “matrix” or “morphic field”. This energetic field is everywhere around us, and connects us to our past. We keep in our energetic field stressful and traumatising events that we have gone through (mainly during pregnancy, birth, and during the first six years of life). We don’t only keep these as memories, but also as specific energetic bodies, that Karl Dawson has named “Energetic Consciousness Holograms” or ECHOS, which influence our ways of thinking, our behaviour and our actions. 

Thanks to the MR technique, we can work on these ECHOS, not only by eliminating the negative emotions that surround them, but by replacing them with new positive experiences. They will be energetically re-encoded. This changes our connexion with our past, and has a positive effect on our present emotional and physical health.


“EFT can take away the emotional load related to difficult memories, but it often leaves an empty space. The memory is still there, but it doesn’t get in our way anymore. MR however, heals and dissolves the memory, and leaves a new memory in it’s place, so as that when we invoke that old memory, we now relate it to a happy energetic imprint.” (Gill Edwards).


After “cleaning” certain memories, negative beliefs and emotions thanks to EFT, our work can continue with the matrix. It is thanks to the specific MR techniques that the events that the person has been through can be rewritten, and deeply modified. 

Here is a classic example :

The fear of speaking in public often comes from a traumatising event that took place in school: the child has experienced embarrassment, humiliation in front of a class, and has felt rejected. A part of the child gets “detached” so as to protect them from the trauma, which is why we don’t remember all traumatic events after they have taken place. But where does this part go when it leaves us? It goes to the matrix! (Karl Dawson). 


After a while, these painful, difficult, traumatic events, create beliefs : 

  • I'm not good
  • I'm not good enough
  • I'm not good at talking in front of people

This is how from certain events, negative beliefs are created and stay anchored.


When the moment comes to speak, our body reacts first: our heart beat accelerates, our hands get sweaty, our mouth dries up, our breathing gets faster, etc. What is happening is that the fear is unconsciously being reactivated, our body is reconnecting with an old trauma and is causing anxiety and emotional and physical reactions.


MR allows us to work on this traumatic past by alleviating the emotions, firstly thanks to EFT, then by working directly on the matrix with these parts of us, these ECHOS. The effects of this process can sometimes seem like magic. By unblocking the traumatic situation, by changing the vibration of our energetic field, this means : we are replacing this event with a positive experience, this technic opens us up to our full potential. 

Indications and effect

After one or more EFT sessions, we automatically gain access to the matrix. In traumatic situations we are alone, overcome by the events, helpless and stuck. So coming back on these events allows to break the solitude, bring solutions, generates an action where there was before immobility. All of these things are incredibly important in creating a new positive message to the brain.


Just like EFT, MR opens us up to an infinite number of possibilities. Here is a list of some of those things to give you an idea :

  • loss of self-confidence
  • loss of self-esteem
  • anxiety – fears – sadness – depression
  • stress- anger
  • addictions and compulsions (food, tobacco, drugs, alcohol)
  • loss of motivation – shyness
  • stress linked to exams – phobias
  • over-weight
  • rape, abuse, assault
  • allergies
  • pains

The benefits of this technique

  • Easy to use and gentle for the client
  • Quickly localizes the foundation of the problem, and the trauma associated
  • Allows us to find and resolve childhood traumas (before the age of 6) often beyond the conscious memories of the client
  • Works well for people who have difficulties feeling and identifying their emotions
  • Allows to create positive beliefs and develop a positive way of thinking
  • Allows the client to arrive to at a natural forgiveness by directly understanding the context and to find wisdom from these past traumatic events
  • Quickly allows the client to access a fundamentally positive sensation, which is then anchored and constitutes an essential tool to heal
  • The ÉCHO takes away this sensation of solitude and helplessness. A deep connection is created between the practitioner and the client and between the client and their ÉCHO


With this new liberation comes the possibility to choose new beliefs, find security and even joy. 

How do the sessions take place ?

The energy flows like a river and each patient creates their own path. The practitioner adapts to the patient, and is there to guide them. It is a very dynamic process.


Face to face I focus on a specific event, a scene or a memory. I work over a few sessions, depending on the person’s history and what they would like to work on: health, relationships, fear of speaking in public, a phobia, etc…. From there, I put my “detective work” into place, often by going back into the person’s past to see what the present beliefs are and to find what past events are linked to them.


I use EFT to diminish the person’s emotional intensity. To do so, we start with an EFT technique called “the film technique”.


The film technique consists in taking an old memory which still has a negative emotional charge and to project this memory as if it was a film, stopping in the places where you feel a change in bodily and emotional sensations. At the same time, you use the EFT protocol to resolve these energetic disturbances. This is one of the base technics in EFT.


Then we go into the matrix, to meet your ECHO in the scene that we are working on, which mostly takes place when the client is a child, alone or in distress… With the MR technique we will begin by diminishing the emotional tension to then be able to work directly on the ÉCHO. I will get the person to enter the scene in their imagination and to use EFT on these ÉCHOS. Once the emotional tension has completely subsided, the person will recreate a different scene with different resources and will then energetically re-imprint, hence the name “Matrix Re-incoding”. 




This technique allows to quickly find the patient's difficulties and identify entrenched painful events, as well as the beliefs associated with them. The practitioner guides the patient so that they can themselves find the root source on which they nedd to work. Together, they visit the patient's past so as to relieve the pain and allow the patient to regain a voice and find the resources needed in that moment. 


The story, the memory, the event does not change, it's the way that it is lived and perceived that changes. 


Now liberated, the patient can choose new beliefs, find a new sense of secutiry and even joy. They can also make space for the unknown, be able to take a step back when needed with.


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