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A link exists between certain physical symptoms and the way that we live and think. Stress, repressed emotions, unconscious thoughts, but also sport’s injuries, accidents, etc… can cause psychological and physical problems. When we are out of balance, our bodies emits signals to make us aware of this: we can then observe signs and symptoms, sometimes vague, which can get worse over time. Feeling certain emotions, allergies, intolerances, and other dysfunctions, are all signals sent by our bodies to warn us of an imbalance! To remedy this, energy flows need to be unblocked and rebalanced.


I see people of all ages, who do not feel comfortable in themselves, and who realize that they are suffering from an imbalance, and therefore cannot live life to the full. By approaching these problems differently, we can together find what the underlying causes are, and activate a self-healing process of the mind and body. The dysfunctions are then diminished or disappear completely. 

My goals

Helping people to rebalance their bodies and diminish their problems, or maybe even making them disappear, so that they can live a healthier life !


To do so, I apply the EFT method, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypno-antalgie, Arrê, Cardiac Coherence, Autogenic Training, Quantum-Touch, Quantum-Allergy, Self Created Health or a combination of all of these methods.


It is also possible that a change of diet, a different lifestyle, or changing certain behaviours, may optimise the body’s balance. If you wish, I can also help you in this process. 

Liberating yourself from stress thanks to Autogenic Training

For years now we have heard of problems linked to stress, that doctors cannot resolve. Nowadays, people are often very busy, working long hours, and often feel that they have lost control of their lives and thus their health. A lot of people today have the impression that they are always living their life in a race against the clock.


A small amount of stress isn’t bad for you. On the contrary, a baby needs stress to be able to breath at birth. This sort of stress has nothing to do with the problems linked to a negative type of stress. This negative stress can make people uncomfortable in their own skin, and even ill. In this case, our bodies then have to fight the stress, and need help. It is time to change course, but how can we do that ?


Learning how to relax is a good remedy. Relaxing is not only the absence of tension but also a state of complete well-being.


Learning how to relax is a good remedy. Relaxing is not only the absence of tension but also a state of complete well-being. 

Energy care


  • Chronic pain, migraines
  • Phobias
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • A lack of confidence or self-estime
  • Allergies
  • Addictions


  • Permanently stressed
  • Often anxious, panicking or angry
  • Shy, depressed,
  • Insomniac
  • Grieving
  • Always in procrastination
  • In (pré) burn out



  • To stop smoking
  • Loose weight
  • Vanquish your (emotional) obstacles and manage your emotions
  • Manage your (chronic) pain in all autonomy
  • Prepare for "stressful" events : an exam, taking your driving test, an interview ...
  • Get rid of limiting beliefs, phobias....


There exists as many therapeutic methods as there are symptoms. Everybody is different, with their own personal history. This is why there isn’t one given method which is valid to apply to all.


To face this complexity, I offer a preparatory interview (free) of 30 minutes maximum, by phone, Skype or Zoom, so as to evaluate your problems, and to then define your expectations and specific needs, as well as the tools to put in place to achieve them.

The sessions can be carried out in an office, but also, if necessary :

Online consultations

For an online consultation, please contact me via email attaching a photo, the reason for your consultation, your name, age, and telephone number. Payment has to be made before the session. After reception of your payment, I will contact you as soon as possible by telephone for an initial chat and to fix a date for a first session. 

Advantages of an online consultation

The patient can stay at home. Some people feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own space and they can then also take time to rest directly after the session. Furthermore, no travel costs are occurred and pollution is reduced ! 

Homes visits

I also offer home visits, for people who have problems with mobility, who are too ill to travel, who are elderly or who have no means of transport. These sessions are also available for people who wish to do group work at the same address (friends, neighbours, family…)





The treatment methods offered on this website can in no case replace or delay an urgent medical intervention. 


These methods are complementary of conventional medecines and in no case replace them. 


I'm not a doctor, I do not diagnose and I do not give pharmaceutical advice. 


Each person is personally responsible for their own health and for the consequences of their own actions and choices.


Joke Elfring

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