What is Quantum-Allergy® ?

Are you subject to allergies, intolerances, anxieties, car sickness, rheumatism ?

Do you suffer from hay fever, food allergies, reactions to food dye, perfumes and flavouring substances, do you feel sick at the smell of something specific, irritations when wearing certain clothes? Or do you often suffer from headaches, recurring eczema, intestinal problems, and muscular pains? There as so many symptoms that get in the way of our lives and that we are asked to accept as if it were "normal" !


Quantum-Allergy is a fast and effective method to diminish or even cure any allergies, intolerances and other imbalances, by helping the body to get back to it’s optimal balance. In this treatment, the word “Allergy” means: anything that causes a problem, an imbalance, and which makes you ill.


Nowadays, a lot of adults and children have allergic reactions. They are caused by substances present in the air or in food. Components in deodorants, hair sprays and dyes can also cause an allergic reaction.

Often, people know what the origins of their allergies or intolerances are, but they do not know that there can be more than one element that their body is reacting to. These are often familiar substances, used in every day life, for example products that we like, or even that we use because they are so good for our health! The disruptions caused by emotional trauma, convictions, noises or relationships can prove to be a source of physical allergy.


The body has a power of auto-regeneration, small sores heel by themselves and colds clear up in a matter of days! For some people however, this power is diminished and these problems stay and become chronic.


Each and every organ and cell of our bodies has it’s own unique vibration, also called unique vibration frequency. The exchanges of information between our organs and our surroundings, our organs and our organism, the food that we give to our bodies, define how they work and if we develop, or not, physical and emotional obstacles.

By doing different kinds of muscular tests, we can find which foods, and which parts of our environment and body, are sending the bad frequencies and are disrupting our balance. We can also get a better understanding of the reactions and problems that manifest themselves. 

Indications and effects

Quantum-Allergy is a valid method for anyone suffering from allergies, hay-fever, intestinal problems, headaches, various disorders, fatigue, muscular pains, rheumatism, asthma, lung problems, eczema, hyperactivity, concentration problems… and any other physical or emotional problems. This method can also help with side effects from different medications.


This method can be used as a complement to conventional treatments.


There can be dysfunctions in our own systems, such as our nervous system, our hormonal system, our immune system….


Our diet can also cause dysfunctions, as well as elements in our surroundings such as the weather, electronic airwaves, etc….

Disturbances in our relationship sphere, traumas, emotions, beliefs, sounds, can also form the base for physical allergic reactions. 

The most well-known types of allergies are food allergies, hay fever and allergy to dust

mites, but we can also develop other kinds of allergies and intolerances, for example :

  • To people: “I cannot stand this person”
  • To movements: sea sickness, travel sickness or for a specific movement
  • To sounds: certain kinds of music or certain intensities of music, etc…


Examples of allergy problems that can be treated :

  • Breathing problems such as asthma, bronchitis and hay fever
  • Cardiac problems such as irregular pulse, tachycardia, arrhythmia
  • Stomach problems, intestinal problems, digestive problems, tummy aches, constipation, diarrhoea
  • Bladder and urinary problems, such as cystitis
  • Pre and post menstrual disorders, deregulated menstruations, menopause disorders
  • Muscular and skeletal problems, such as back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia
  • Skin problems such as eczema, irritations, rashes
  • Cerebral symptoms such as problems of concentration, depression, hyper-activity and learning difficulties
  • Overwork and burnout (extreme exhaustion)

How do the sessions take place ?

As a Quantum-Allergy therapist, I can define the body’s imbalances by doing various tests on the muscles, using different trial substances.


If an imbalance appears I apply a simple breathing, visualisation and acupressure technique, to put everything back into place. The body then relearns to react in a normal way.


The immune system is encouraged to work in a more balanced way, and the body’s auto-regeneration is fortified.


For the body to find it’s optimal balance, it is important to eat healthily, to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to stay active. To do so, it may be necessary to bring some changes to your living habits.


As soon as the body finds it’s optimal vibration again, it will be easier to continue living a healthy life ! 




 Sometimes, all you need is one session to treat your problem, or you may need a few sessions. People who suffer from hay fever for example may have to come back every year.


It is advised for example to eliminate a pollen allergy before the "allergy" season has started. You mustn't come into contact with the allergen for a whole day after being treated. That is why, if the pollen season has already strarted, it is vey difficult to cure the allergy.


So to get better you must anticipate ! 


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