Managing chronic pain

« Hypno-antalgie® is born from my patients' pain. I have no merit, other than listening ans understanding people who are affected by a painful chronic syndrome »

- David Vigneron

You may have been suffering, for a number of years, from chronic pain which resists all treatment ? In which case... read closely what follows...

Definition of chronic pain

Chronic pain is a pain which exists and evolves for more than 3 to 6 months and which affects the behaviour and the well-being of the patient. At the chronic stage, the syndrome or illness starts to be devastating for the organism. It makes the patient fragile, reduces the effect of treatment, and reduces the chances of getting better.


Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience which can vary from an uncomfortable state to an unbearable one.

Pain can be experienced continually, or in waves.

Some consequences of chronic pain :

  • desocialisation
  • loss of autonomy
  • important use of medicaments
  • eating and hydration disorder,
  • sleeping problems
  • job loss, financial problems
  • behaviour problems: aggressivity, exhaustion, agitation,…
  • family conflicts, conflicts with friends,…
  • loss of interests
  • sexual problems
  • isolation
  • drug use, alcohol, …
  • etc…


For chronic pain, it is important to have an individualised and personalised support system, which will allow you to learn how to stimulate your resources, so as to boost your autonomy, and ease your daily pain.

David Vigneron, creator of the “Hypno-Antalgie®” method, is a nurse and hypnotherapist. He has a lot of experience in caring for patients that are in pain, in a lot of different situations: at a doctor’s surgery, in hospital, in urgent medical care, in the operating theatre.


It is a support method, which allows to accompany patients who wish to become independent in the treatment of their chronic pain, and therefore investing themselves fully in their recovery.

Characteristics of the method :

  • this method is a subtle combination of multiple efficient techniques (hypnosis, auto-hypnosis, EFT, cardiac coherence, physical therapy…)
  • this method allows you to explore and use your own resources so as to boost your autonomy
  • it is rapidly and easily usable, whatever the type of pain
  • it is founded on coherent principles linked to physiology and psychology
  • it is reproducible from one patient to an other and from one therapist to an other
  • it is customisable to each patient, adaptable, and flexible


You will rapidly discover that hypnosis works on you, and you will learn to stimulate your own natural, mental and physiological resources.


From the first session, you will learn to use auto-hypnosis and analgesic cardiac coherence so as to transform pain into gentleness, to be able to deal with your pain, in all autonomy, whatever the type.



Your full cooperation and implication are essential to allow you to gain more autonomy and reach your objectives.


"Up to now, 95% of cooperative patients have been able to reach the objectives that we have fixed together, and have therefore been able to go from pain to well-being" - David Vigneron



Rest assured :

When in a hypnotic state you are not sleeping, you stay fully aware of what’s going on around you. You are free to talk, move, change position. Therefore, it has nothing to do with “show hypnosis”.

It is a natural state, which everyone experiences several times a day, when we are absorbed by a book, a film, or even when we are driving.

In these moments we are in a light state of trance called EMC: a modified state of consciousness, during which you open the door to your unconsciousness, where you can find all of the resources that you need.


The “Hypno-Antalgie®” method is a complementary method to traditional medicine and does not, in any case, replace it. Only your general practitioner can prescribe or adapt your medical treatment.

Indications and effects

Hypno-antalgie® allows to take control of all chronic pain, such as : (this list is far from complete)

  • joint pain (polyarthritis, arthritis,…)
  • muscular pain, ligament pain, tendinitis
  • migraines, headaches, neck pain, shoulders
  • back pain, herniated disks (sciatica, low back pain…)
  • fibromyalgia
  • multiple sclerosis
  • irritable colon, and other digestive problems
  • menstrual pains
  • shingles
  • pains related to an illness or an operation
  • pains after a treatment (chemotherapy, hormonotheraphy…),
  • phantom limb pain


Pain‑relief hypnosis is of great interest during palliative care.

Counter indications

In the case of certain severe psychiatric disorders, such as paranoia, schizophrenia, depression, as well as epilepsy, addiction to alcohol and drugs, hypnosis can be discouraged. In these specific cases, the approval of your specialist doctor is necessary.


Pain‑relief hypnosis sessions diminish the feeling of pain as well as the level of stress associated, allowing the body to recuperate and regain energy.

How do the sessions take place ?

During our first contact by telephone, I will explain the pain‑relief hypnosis method in it’s entirety, how I will accompany you, and the importance of your cooperation, which is essential for becoming autonomous in the management of your chronic pain.

I will send you a questionnaire to fill in and to bring with you the day of our first meeting.


1st session

We start with a personalised and in‑depth case history, based on the questionnaire which will allow us to define your needs and objectives.


Then, I will explain…

  • … “complete pain” and the famous vicious circle: the more you are in pain, the more you have muscular tensions, the more you will be focused on the pain, and the more you will be stressed. And being more stressed increases the pain.

I will show you that it is possible to work on one of the parameters of the circle without having to work directly on the pain, to come out of the vicious circle.


The hypno-antalgie® method works on all of these parameters !


  • ...the history, the teaching, and the practical application of Cardiac Coherence for pain‑relief, adapted to the management of chronic pain, and all of the benefits on the autonomous nervous system,
  • … the natural resources that you have within yourself and how to use them,
  • … the unwinding of the session, and I will ask for your COOPERATION

Are you ready to cooperate ? To help me to help you ?

And finally...the session :

I will ask you to sit down comfortably, to close your eyes (if you wish), to listen to the sound of my voice, to the music, and I will guide you step by step in this gentle experience.

During the session you are perfectly aware of your surroundings, you are aware of exterior noises, you are sensitive to everything that surrounds you, you are free to speak etc.

When you open your eyes you will be able to practise the beginning of (auto)hypnosis at your home.


During the next sessions we will work further on the themes, depending on your needs and your progress.



Between each session : 

You will continue to reproduce the technics that we have seen together during our sessions, so as to become totally autonomous in your pain management.

The techniques that will be offered to you are powerful tools that you can use to manage your chronic pain, but that relies on an active participation on your part.


Your cooperation is your success


Each case being different, the number of sessions varies from person to person.

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