What is Quantum-Touch® ?

Quantum-touch is a very efficient healing technique that can be used for physical as well as emotional problems. It is a way of healing which stimulates the self-healing power of the body.


A lot of problems are due to obstructions in our energetic system. These obstructions are caused by recent or past stress, emotional factors, breathing difficulties or by a bad diet. A lot of troubles also come from blocked vertebra, miss-aligned vertebra, a difference between leg lengths, and instability in the pelvis.


When the body isn’t straight, we can experience pain which stops the energy from circulating, and our nerves from functioning properly.

The nerves from the spine are directly linked to every other organ. An obstruction in the body will get in the way of the energy flow and will influence the healing process. 

The Quantum-Touch works with vital energy, also called Chi, KI, Prana, Mana. Everyone is made out of this energy. Each person and each organ has their own vibration. When the vibration is high there is more balance than when it is low. A painful area will always have less vibration, this area is no longer balanced. The vibrations synchronise to one another, this phenomenon is called “resonance”. The Quantum-Touch method uses this resonance to heal the body.


The human body has the amazing capability of healing itself. We all have this self-healing power, our bodies know exactly what they need to repair, the ideal placement for our different bones and muscles, and knows how to renew our cells.

We call this the body’s intelligence.

Quantum-Touch activates this self-healing power and allows us to gain maximum relaxation.


Healing depends on every person’s physical condition. In practice, we observe that acute problems heal quicker than chronic ones. It is, however, possible to heal pain that has been present for years.


By applying breathing and visualisation techniques, the therapist raises the vibrations of their own body, of their hands and heart, to a superior level.


Quantum-Touch raises the vibrations to a maximum and becomes the dominant frequency, which will then “lead” the patient. The patient then connects to the vibration of the therapist, and thanks to the patient’s bodily intelligence, the vibration will then act in the way that the body feels is the most appropriate. 

The results should be something like this

  • posture correction
  • rapid decrease of pain and inflammation
  • acceleration of the healing process
  • profound relaxation and emotional balance


The person who is treated with Quantum-Touch, and who therefore receives and uses the energy, is called “healer”. Indeed, the patient heals themselves, internally, just like any person would digest food.


The healer is the patient, not the practitioner, who is just there to provide the energy needed !


Quantum-Touch can be used for all forms of pain, illness or other health problems. 

Indications and effects

Quantum-Touch is effective for acute and chronic pains such as: inflammation, injuries, fractures, pre and post operative, to accelerate the healing process, for organs that need more energy to be able to function properly, basically, for all physical and emotional problems where healing is possible.


Here is a partial list of symptoms :

  • Headaches, migraines, eye problems, ear problems, facial neuralgia, sinusitis. Tummy-aches, digestif problems, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach acidity
  • Menstrual pains and problems linked to menopause
  • Asthma, allergies, eczema (see Quantum-Allergy)
  • Trauma, post-accident and post-operative problems
  • Distorted spine, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis
  • Muscular and joint problems, neuralgia, repetitive strain injury, neck pain, low back pain
  • Unstable pelvis, inflammation, rheumatism, fibromyalgia
  • Fatigue, stress, burnout (extreme fatigue)
  • Insomnia, hyperventilation
  • Sport’s injuries, sprains, muscular pain, exhaustion
  • Emotional problems, such as anxiety and panic attacks


Quantum-Touch can be associated in parallel with allopathic medicine, traditional medicine, and traditional pharmacopoeia.


This method is also very effective for treating animals and plants. 

How do the sessions take place ?

Each Quantum-Touch session begins with a “correction” of the alignment between our pelvis and our occiput, the ideal position being standing.


Often, people aren’t straight, one hip is higher than the other, the head isn’t in the correct place. By correcting the posture at the beginning, the hips, shoulders and the neck realign, the body is rebalanced, the energy can flow again and the muscles relax.


During a standing up session, our body can suddenly start moving. This reaction is normal.


We can also feel hot, cold, pins and needles… Hands and feet can grow warmer, the effects vary depending on the person !


We then place our hands on the painful area, or the area which needs treating. The patient indicates the area which is painful. This pain can change places during the session. The practitioner follows the pain with their hands. The patient’s reaction is continuously taken into account, so that the treatment is the most efficient as possible.


The pain or symptom can sometimes get worse before getting better. Physical changes can happen up to 2 or 3 days after the consultation. The body needs time to get used to the changes. Generally speaking, physical and emotional problems are easy to cure and the healing process can be accelerated. 

What else can happen :

  • Bones and vertebra go back into place just by a touch of the hand
  • Inflammation and injuries heal faster
  • Allergies diminish or disappear
  • Pain, heat, coldness, pins and needles can manifest themselves during the session
  • During a standing-up session the body can suddenly start to move. This reaction is normal
  • Hands and feet can warm up
  • Passed emotions can come up and be integrated


The pain or symptom can sometimes get worse before getting better.

The body will create toxins that will then have to be eliminated. This is why it is important to drink plenty of water during and after each session to avoid headaches or muscular pain.


It is important to drink lots of water !!!

Factors that have an effect on the healing process :

  • Age
  • Length of the illness/pain
  • The self-healing power of the patient
  • Contact with a toxic or non-toxic environment, as well as diet
  • Medication
  • Gentle exercise and movement
  • Rest
  • The severity of the pain or illness: intense or serious problems need more time to heal.
  • Certain emotions, ways of thinking, beliefs, can get in the way or brake the healing process


People heal depending on their energetic system ! 

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